HEB Cutting Grocery Lines: When Will Killeen, Texas See New Tech?

2022-08-02 15:39:04 By : Ms. Clean Simple

You can probably relate to my least favorite thing about grocery shopping: standing in line to pay.

Wait, you say. What about curbside? You can order it online and just have them bring it to you, right? Well, you can, but I'm not really a fan. It's fine for getting staples like paper towels, milk, or detergent, but I like to be the one picking out my groceries. I'm old-school, okay?

The self-checkout is fine, until you ring something up twice, a price isn't right, or your coupons don't work. Then you might as well be in a regular line, because a cashier still has to fix things for you. So, if you're like me and prefer to go inside the store, but want to save time, I've got some good news!

According to mysanantonio.com, Texas-based H-E-B is testing a different way for customers to check out called 'Fast Scan'. Basically, H-E-B is testing a checkout device that would ring up all your items automatically as the basket goes through a scanner.

H-E-B says that the Fast Scan technology is currently in a pilot phase exclusively with store employees. Mysanantonio.com reports that last month a H-E-B shopper shared his thoughts about the new checkout option at store in Schertz, Texas, a suburb of San Antonio:

All you have to do is run your basket through and the machine (is) going to scan everything inside the basket and pay the amount on the receipt.

-Christoken Johnson,  H-E-B Shopper

There's no official word from H-E-B about when other stores throughout the state will be getting this cool new time-saving feature, but it would be amazing if Fast Scan technology comes to Central Texas before the end of the year. Let's keep our fingers crossed!